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Get To Know Our DocsMeet the dynamic duo behind the orthodontic magic at Struckhoff & Britt Orthodontics. While these skilled orthodontists are experts at crafting radiant smiles, they share a common passion: getting to know their patients on a personal level. Now, it’s time to turn the spotlight on them. Delve into the stories of Dr. Britt and Dr. Struckhoff, discovering the quirks, passions, and unique journeys that make them not just exceptional orthodontists but also fascinating individuals. After all, understanding the people behind the smiles enhances the connection that transforms a visit to Struckhoff Orthodontics into a delightful experience.

Dr. Struckhoff

Early Life in Augusta

Dr. Struckhoff’s childhood was deeply rooted in the agricultural landscape surrounding Augusta, a small town west of St. Louis. Growing up, her father and uncles farmed hogs, dairy, corn, wheat, and soybeans. She developed a strong work ethic and a connection to her community.

Family and Personal Life

Alongside her professional achievements, Dr. Struckhoff is a loving wife to Rob and a devoted mother to two children, Megan and Evan. Her decision to pursue orthodontics, however, was not part of her initial career plan.

Unlikely Path to Orthodontics

Initially working as a mechanical engineer after college, Dr. Struckhoff felt the need for more tangible, day-to-day results from her efforts. One fateful day, the idea of becoming an orthodontist popped into her head during her commute. Grateful for this unexpected revelation, she embarked on a new journey, leaving behind her engineering career for the world of orthodontics.

Passion for Transformations

Dr. Struckhoff finds immense joy in her role as an orthodontist. Witnessing the “before and after” transformations of her patients’ teeth is a source of inspiration. She points out the early excitement as patients notice significant changes within the first few months of wearing braces. Despite the shift in career, she continues to apply her engineering skills, adapting them to the intricacies of orthodontic work.

Personal Tastes and Hobbies

In music, she defers to her children’s choices during car rides, embracing a mix of AJR, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Niall Horan, Dua Lipa, Paul Russell, and more. Her movie preferences lean towards Christmas classics, with favorites like “Elf,” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” and “Home Alone.” She also really enjoyed the Barbie movie this summer.

Balancing Work and Personal Interests

Despite her busy schedule, Dr. Struckhoff makes time for binge-watching TV classics like “Ted Lasso” and revisiting shows like “Arrested Development” and “Modern Family” with her kids. While she identifies as an introvert, she has surrounded herself with an energetic team of extroverts at Struckhoff Orthodontics, ensuring a lively and positive work environment.

Three Random Facts

  1. Struckhoff shares an unexpected connection with her orthodontic partner, Dr. Britt—they both grew up showing pigs at the local fair. (How many orthodontics partners can say that?!)
  2. She began Struckhoff Orthodontics before marrying her husband. Opting not to complicate matters by changing her business and personal name, she now navigates the challenge of having a different last name from her husband and kids.
  3. Struckhoff’s achievements extend beyond orthodontics—she ran in the Boston Marathon three times and finished her marathon career with the challenging “Boston to Big Sur,” where she ran the Boston Marathon one week and the Big Sur marathon 6 days later.

Dr. Britt

Early Roots in Waynesville, OH

Hailing from the scenic town of Waynesville, Ohio, nestled between Dayton and Cincinnati, Dr. Britt’s upbringing on a farm laid the foundation for his strong work ethic and connection to family. His parents still reside on the farm, making weekends a cherished time spent there.

Family Man and Orthodontist

As the youngest of four kids, Dr. Britt, alongside his wife Jordan, a pediatric dentist, is a proud parent to two kids, Thea and Murphy. Their family bond extends beyond professional realms, creating a home filled with warmth and care.

Orthodontics: A Passion Unveiled

Dr. Britt’s journey into orthodontics was not a mere professional choice; it was a passion discovered during dental school. His time practicing general dentistry in the Air Force allowed him to delve into minor orthodontics, solidifying his decision to pursue a residency in orthodontics.

Weekends and Hobbies

A weekend enthusiast, Dr. Britt finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Whether outdoors with his kids, basking in favorable weather, or cheering for the Bengals and Buckeyes, he values quality time with family and the thrill of sports.

Impactful Orthodontics

What resonates most with Dr. Britt in his orthodontic practice is the ability to boost the confidence of the children he treats. Witnessing the transformative journey from hesitant smiles before braces to unstoppable grins after removal is his ultimate reward. Making a positive impact during the critical teenage years is what fuels his dedication to his work.

Tunes and Tastes

Dr. Britt’s music taste spans genres, with a special affinity for Luke Combs and Chris Stapleton. Having experienced their live performances, he attests to the electrifying energy they bring to the stage.

Thanksgiving and Community Love

Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving. For Dr. Britt, it’s a perfect blend of great food and quality time with family, embodying the spirit of gratitude.

Embracing Northern Kentucky

What makes Florence/Independence special for Dr. Britt? The people. The politeness and appreciation of the communities add fun and reward to his days. Northern Kentucky has not only been a professional haven but also the ideal place for his family to settle down.

Culinary Delights

His go-to spots in the Florence area? Oakbrook Bakery for delightful donuts and Bourbon House Pizza for a satisfying pizza fix. Lucky for him, both are conveniently close to the Florence office!

Three Fun Facts

  1. Britt’s early years involved raising and showing pigs in 4H, a unique chapter in his childhood.
  2. A competitive tennis player in his youth, Dr. Britt harbors hopes of rekindling his passion for the sport.
  3. Beyond the orthodontic chair, Dr. Britt can dazzle with his juggling prowess, showcasing a different kind of coordination.
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